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SHENZHEN WQSLED PHOTOELECTRIC CO.,LTD. created by BEIJING WEIQIAOSHUN SCIENCE & TRADE CO., LTD Principally engaged in the our patented  product "LED dot matrix display panel" and Series of ultra-thin LED display products based on the COB technology + the drive IC circuit and the LED chips circuit integration technology. Beijing company is mainly focus on the new products development and the market development. It is a company with independent research and development power, intellectual property, professional market management, sales channels and perfect after-sales service. Our target market is to provide high-quality and cost-effective LED display unit, ultra-thin LED display with differentiated features and a complete solution in the application process for domestic and international customers. With the increasingly fierce market competition, WQSLED do not follow the crowd that using the Low-price strategy to develop its market share, But by virtue of the progressive awareness of innovation, advanced technology research and development strengths and superb production technology and accumulated experience, to provide customers with safe, high-quality new products. Not the biggest, but the best and Focus on innovation, quality, brand, reputation is the principle of our development. In 2010, WQSLED successfully developed a revolutionary product-LED dot matrix display panelThe traditional dot matrix module and driver IC circuits are organically integrated in one PCB boardtruly ultra-light, ultra-thin, large viewing angle, flexible, energy-saving and high reliability. Meanwhile in the production and usethe energy-saving effect is highlights. The new product has obtained patent in August 2011, issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. Patent number: ZL 2010 2 0276807.5

We know that High quality and low prices are unlikely to exist, In both, we can only choose high-quality brand direction. Once again reiterate our customer groups are:

Customers who demand for high-quality LED display unit and ultra-thin LED display products.

Customers who need to reduce the high costs of maintenance.

Customers who need to save energy and reduce the cost of applications.

Customers who need to reduce the cost of transport and logistics.

Customers with special needs for Ultra-thin, large viewing angle, arcs, circles and wavy shaped LED display, etc.

Customers who agree with the WQSLED concept of brand development.

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