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COBTAC is a company specializing in COB technology for LED displays. Our products can be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions. A recent breakthrough of our R&D team was a P3.0 outdoor small pixel pitch solution. Our P1.875 outdoor solution is in the prototype stage. COBTAC also offers customized solutions. COB for LED displays is a disruptive technology with the following distinct advantages:

- Considerable cost advantage especially for indoor and outdoor small pixel pitch products.          

- Extremely reliable due to the low failure rate and high firmness of the LEDs in outdoor applications.

- COB technology allows for smaller pixel pitches than existing technologies.

COBTAC has a European business development team operating out of The Netherlands. We speak English, Dutch, French, German, italiano and Chinese.


Marius van Bergen

+31 6 15572348

COB vase shaped display
COB LED floor display
COB wave shaped display
COB ultra-thin shop window display
COB LED window signs
COB multi-arc shaped display
COB vehicle display
COB taxi display
COB bus display
COB seaside project
COB outdoor P3
COB outdoor P1.875
COB outdoor P4 light pole poster
COB outdoor small pixel pitch poster
COB arched roof shaped display
COB outdoor mobile P3/P4/P6 poster
COB outdoor body interactive poster
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COB display for sport
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